2BABA: Holy Holy

Holy holy, holy holy
Holy holy
Holy holy, holy

Holy Holy

As you dey for there dey claim you holy so
I hope you holy pass Elijah sha
Hope you holy pass the prophet sha
And as you dey for there dey form Obama so
I hope you get all the credential sha
I hope the people vote you shaAs you get opinion make you know say
Other people get opinion too
As you dey do watin you sabi do
Make you know say their opinion no concern you
Take am easy no dey hurry
Make you look before you leep in
Steady moving keep improving
Keep it moving none stop
As you see me so I no go lie e no dey easy
To make money come dey jolly
Come dey live enough effizie
So he has no sin should cast the first stone
No dey, sit down for corner try to dirty my throne
And anything you yarn 2baba go just dey bone
Because no be watin dey for naija na em dey for Rome
Just dey they try to pull me down yeye
They try to always make me frown
JahJah love is so amazing
I’ll keep on elevating


I will embrace your ways and I will praise your name

I will declare all of your praise [majesty] in the midst of my generation (x3)

For you are King over me your word is my life.

my generation

I will declare all of your praise in the midst of my generations

When I was lost without a way of getting home

I saw in your word the light of salvation

When in the night and alone you paid the price in the garden

To become the light to all generations down in the valley on ever mountain top

I fear no evil cos I follow in your steps wherever you lead there

I must go as I lead my own generation.