ASA: Iba

Asa - Iba

Oru sẹ ileku,
I wanna have some talk, with you-o
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ lola
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ sogẹ
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ ra moto
Mo wo lẹ, mo boluwa mi soro
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ wa laiye
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ wa so sara
Nitori re moji lowuro
Mo wo aye mi lo de ye ya

Aa aho ha ha a ha
Iba fi ele
iba fi eledua
Aa ho ho a ho
Mo mo le ye
mo boluwa mi soro

Nitori re mo sẹ gbo
Iroyin ayo
lai so owo
lai si nkan kan
I ya oni layo la o o
boluwa se wi be na lori
Oh oh o wi kpe kim ma se beru
So aho ho a ho a a ho…

NOSA: Always Pray For You

Nosa - Always pray for you


I go always pray for you; I go always pray for you
Make the Grace of Jesus see you through; I go always pray for you!

As all of us dey go our separate ways; Na good tory we go dey tell
When we see again of how God don bless me and bless you too
I go always pray for you!


And even if I far from you; you go always dey my heart
This na true; na true…
I just wan let you know say whatever I do,
I go always pray for you!


We go surely meet again; and when we meet again
None of us go dey in chain
But na from glory to glory
In Jesus name
We go surely meet again.

Oh…if I offend you before, forgive me
So that when we see again
You no go get B.B for me
We all need each other to see life through…
So I go always pray for you!


Say make the grace of God
Make e no commot;
Make him peace never cease,
To call upon you, whatever you do
And in love to see you through…ah ah.
I just wan let you know say whatever I do
I go surely pray for you!

SOMI: Shine Your Eye

Somi - Shine Your Eye

When I close my eyes I remember the bright city heat pressing against the knuckles of my searching toes and squinting brow.

I remember kind strangers and brave adventure; the beauty and revelation of dirty drums found deep inside of me and the knowing that my heart’s hand had always rested its palm against their homesick skins.

I remember non-vegetarian pepper soups, month-long rainstorm lullabies, and sleepy traffic thick with hot metal bodies and impromptu window snacks. I sigh… stroking through a sea of dissonant horns and agile bodies that careen between cars hurling both barter and abuse.

Unassuming streetside glamour – heavy hipped women in red and gold; a body of water full of reeds and houses on sticks expands under a concrete stretch to Victoria Island. I remember being told to “pronounce yoruba with my mouth wide open” and to shine my eye.

The fake tears of Nollywood flicks; the fierce intellect and ambition that spat in the face of stereotype; the sighting of East African backsides that saw me too. I remember hungry boys pouncing on car windows and I remember looking away…