Catalogue: Nigerian Diplomacy Books

Towards improving reading culture, research and information access, this is an open online book catalogue specifically on Nigeria’s diplomacy and international relations (Nigerian or foreign authors).

We kindly invite you to recommend or suggest such books by providing details of the following information:
1. Name of the author(s)
2. Title of the book
3. Date (year) of publication
4. Publisher of the book
5. Price or cost of the book
6. Access (online web address or possible location for hard copy)
7. Any other useful information

Thank you and please let us know if you have further questions/observations.

Book Author Date Price (₦) Retailers
Debt relief and Nigeria’s diplomacy U. Joy Ogwu & Warisu O. Alli 2006
Diplomacy – The Written Art Ozichi Alimole 2008
Equatorial Guinea Nigerian Relations: The Diplomacy of Labour Akinjide Osuntokun 1978
Foreign Policy With Particular Reference To Nigeria: (1961-2002) Victor Nwaozichi Chibundu 2003
Gulliver’s Troubles: Nigeria’s Foreign Policy After the Cold War Adekeye Adebajo & Abdul Raufu Mustapha 2008
Nigeria: Dancing On The Brink John Campbell 2013
Nigeria’s Economic Diplomacy: The Ike Nwachukwu Years, 1988-1992 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Nigeria 1992
Nigeria’s External Relations and Foreign Policy under Military Rule [1966-1999]

Alade W. Fawole

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under Two Military Governments, 1966-1979: An Analysis of the Gowon and Muhammed/Obasanjo Regimes

Kenoye Kelvin Eke

Nigeria-China Foreign Relations, 1960-1999 Victor Nwaozichi Chibundu 2000
Nigerian cultural diplomacy in the twentieth century S. J. Timothy-Asobele 2002
Nigerian Diplomacy & the Conflict of Laws: An Insight Into the Practice of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Leonard Ezenweani Okogwu & Aja Akpuru-Aja 2004
PositiveNaija Series 2017: Convocation of Green Eagles Toju Micheal Ogbe 2018 5000 Good day Bookshop, Abuja
Protocol For Life: Guidelines On Diplomatic Official And Social Manners Lawrence Olufemi Obisakin 2007
Reforming the Unreformable: Lessons from Nigeria Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala 2012 900-1500 Good day Bookshop, Abuja
Selected Essays and Speeches on Nigerian Diplomacy, Politics, and Economics Oladapo Olusola Fafowora 2001
The Nigerian Diplomatic Practice L. O. Oladejo Oyelakin 2014  –
The Nigerian Diplomatic Practice: A Guide – First Revision (Nigerian Diplomacy) Udo Moses Williams 2005  –
The Nigerian Foreign Service Administration L. O. Oladejo Oyelakin  1991


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