FELA KUTI: When Trouble Sleep Yanga Go Wake Am

Fela - When trouble sleep yanga go wake am

Mr. Husband marry for church
He make big party
Then he start to spray
Because him love him wife
Mrs. wife come run away”
Bank manager run come
He say, “Mister, pay me your debt”
Wetin him dey find, for Lagos e-o
Palaver, he go get-e o

When cat sleep
Rat go bite him tail
Wetin him dey find
Palaver, he go get-e o
Palaver, he go get e-o

Ra ra-ra ra

2BABA: Oh Papa


Why do people keep saying what they don´t really mean. Like when they tell you say I´m sorry, they only really want you to forget (forget forget). Making empty promises that they cannot fulfill. Like when it really comes to watching your back. They just cant go for life. What it is I´m saying, that you do not understand. Are you part of the game or is it that you are just part of the plan. Who should I believe in or should I just blank?

Like when they talk about a perfect world, I just say it´s not going to be my generation. So right now how I feel inside is what imma told you, what how I am reeling. Right now I put the whole of my trust on only one being. And that is the Almighty. Holy Father lay your hand on me and guide me and protect me from all me enemies.

Oh Papa


That´s why I say, oh papa. You are the one that I cannot mess with, I say oh papa. You are the one that gives me what to eat, I say oh papa. Make me man a free and you stand me on me feet. And that is the reason why I am crying unto you right now. Oh papa eh eh Eledumare.


Why do people keep having evil intention. Like when they tell you, I want to help you, they only really want you to owe them. Making lie-lie sacrifices, that don´t mean a thing. Cos when it really comes to saving your soul, they just can´t go for that. What is I´m saying that you cannot comprehend. Did you do it for the good of it or did you do it cos you wan go heaven.

Who should I believe in, or should I just blank. Like when they say a good turn deserves another, I say it´s always good to be good. Good to be good. Right now what I´m feeling inside is what imma told you, is what I am feeling. If I do for you, I don´t give a, if you do bad for me. Cos my father, the Almighty, He provide me with everything I need and guide me and protect me from all of me enemies.

OMAWUMI (Featuring 2Baba): What A Bang Bang

Omawumi - What a bang bang


I don’t wanna be a guest in my home
I no want to dey feel like I be stranger with my very own
I want my people back at home to live in peace and unity o
All them wuru wuru people dey feed on we like bread and tea

Dem dey claim diplomatic immunity
On top of the civil political ingenuity
And them people dem using spirituality
Like a mask to hide their anxiety

Incase you no notice
There’s a guy on vacation called justice
When he approaches
You’ll be mumbling words like


Monkey work Baboon chop
Fire in the jungle
Wata bang bang Wata Wata bang bang (x2)