ASA: So Beautiful

Asa - So Beautiful

Beautiful is your name
Wonderful is what you are to me
It’s you I see in my dreams
Everyday and I pray for you
Queen of my life
You’re so beautiful mama.
You’re beautiful

Emi n wa mama kan
Ta lori yeye yen
Mama mi o roju ri
And that’s why I’m loving you

Nitori omo o jiya
Ni le oko
Mama mi ko roju ri
And that’s why am loving you

La la la la
la la la o o
You are beautiful
You are beautiful

Ebami kira fun mama mi
Orisha bi iya o
Ko si laiye

BEZ: Zuciya Daya (One Heart)

Bez - Zuciya Daya (One Heart)

She sits across the table

thoughts moving through her mind.

She knows I may be yearning, but then I have no say.

She stares with tears; She walks away.

She may be rich, I am not; And that alone just kills the dream.

“Don’t you worry about the thing she says we should both be happy we would be together forever”

“Don’t you worry about the thing she says we should both be happy we would be together”

And I’ll say these words,

Every little thing you do

Mu Bayar Da Zuciya Daya; Mu Bayar Da Zuciya Daya

“For you don’t know where it takes you to”

Mu Bayar Da Zuciya Daya Mu Bayar Da Zuciya Daya

SOMI: Ginger Me Slowly

Somi - Ginger Me Slowly


Ginger me,
With pillow talk and pretty things, oh
Ginger me,
By candle light and long walks by the lagoon
Ginger me with intellect and wine
Ginger me Boy with kindness and cool


(Yes oh)
Ginger me slowly
Yes oh
Ginger me slowly


Ginger me
With poetry and roses in the afternoon
Ginger me
With trips to Monaco and to the Nile
Ginger me
With power and humility, oh
Ginger me boy
Ginger me with your love


M.I ABAGA (featuring NOSA and MILLI): Brother

MI - Brother


yo, yo
yo when mo-hits broke up, i was like you know what: this will never happen to us
then choc boyz broke up, i was like hold up
how on earth did that happen to us mehn
this no be the plan wey we plan from the start
this no be the kind thing we suppose to talk about
so you mean to tell me that never again
choc boyz no go climb stage to shut down event
people be like m, you made the choc boy crew
how they gonna survive in the game without you
my brother, make i talk true
my brothers made me, now what am i to do
so brother if you’re listening, i hope that you know
our journey isn’t over
there’s still a little more
i’m waiting where you left me
i’m hoping you return
and if ever you come back, you will meet an open door
my brother

[CHORUS:] – Nosa
i no fit climb this mountain on my own
i no go reach top if i go alone
i no fit finish up unless you come along
i need you my brother
this life no be hollywood
if i offend you paddy mi, ma binu
shebi when you fall na mi go carry you
you need me too my brother
you need me too