Nigerians, Faith & Foreign Birthright Citizenship

Every man lives by faith;

Romans, Saints, more so, Nigerians!

The Earth records our footprint,

Erudite emissaries discern our voice,

Our Father beholds our hearts.

Still we are loved, entrusted with gifts.

Yet we are lost and perish alive;

We perish while smiling, scheming and sensible.



Every man lives by faith;

Nigeriens, Poets, more so Nigerians!

We profess Christ’s saving grace but dread our rural villages;

We declare Jehovah’s promises but panic at our urban indicators.

We set our will closer to the Kingdom of God

travelling through the USA, UK and white lands

with our dreams, destinies, faith

and delivering our children; surrendering their birthright – our hope.


Every man lives by faith;

Asians, Arabs, more so Nigerians!

Our hope, safely and even brighter arrives as a prosperous citizen.

Our hope, as if in an instant returns home.

In our wisdom and wealth, we have rejected poverty;

But this kind of poverty is in the blood not banks.

In quest for medical excellence, we reject complications;

But our hope drinks agbo against death-dealing typhoid and malaria.


Every man lives by faith;

Russians, Philosophers, more so Nigerians!

Poverty, shame, distress and foolishness abound.

Did you seek His will?

Did you refuse instruction and insight?

Did you worry, doubt, fear and proclaim negativity?

Were your motives bad, short-sighted and selfish?

Was your cross too heavy in following Him?


Every man lives by faith;

Muslims, Christians, more so Nigerians!

Who shall live in Nigeria and still be close to God’s kingdom?

Who shall live in peace, fulfillment and abundance in God?

“Look at the proud!

They trust in themselves,

And their lives are crooked.

But the righteous [just] will live by their faithfulness to God.”


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