Diplomatic Qualities of a Nigerian Diplomat

The qualities of a Nigerian diplomat are distinct, honourable and indeed learnable. A Nigerian diplomat is an individual appointed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to conduct international or diplomatic relations and negotiations with one or more other states or international organisations on behalf of the country. Such important responsibility and honour requires adequate preparation, distinctive qualities, attributes, characteristics and skills to perform excellently in representing the interest(s) of the country effectively.

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The following are recommended diplomatic qualities of a Nigerian diplomat.

Be Patriotic

In the discharge of his or her duties, every Nigerian diplomat must be patriotic enough to love the country – Nigeria and be ready to promote and defend the country’s interests and set goals. It is important to recommend at this point that a Nigerian diplomat must be able to define his or her personal political ideology and consider how compatible it is with those which he or she is to represent before accepting this significant responsibility. This is important to avoid any unforeseeable professional dissatisfaction and treachery.

Be Passionate

To be a successful diplomat, have an enduring interest in and passion for the technique and profession of international relations and diplomacy – you have to be excited by the engagements of the international community and openness to understand world affairs.

Be Knowledgeable

Relevant history, geography, law, religion, economics, politics, sociology, philosophy, language and literature, media and communication are all very important disciplines that should make up the knowledge base of a successful diplomat. The diplomat is an inter-disciplinary professional and should be well informed with the understanding that these various inter-related disciplines does illuminate choices and prove valuable in providing answers to central questions of policy formulation and implementation. Relevant knowledge about Nigeria is also very crucial.

Be Factual, Analytical & Objective

As a diplomat, it is hugely beneficial to consistently convey a good sense of judgement and reason by possessing an intelligent and sound mind of patiently examining relevant facts available within your reach before deciding and pursing on a set course of action. In other words, always pay attention to detail.

Be a Good Communicator

It is a very important skill for a diplomat to be able to effectively communicate his or her positions to relevant audience both verbally and in writing. Due to the increasingly dynamic environment in which the diplomat operates, he or she must continuously, be conscious to quickly and smartly process information, listen attentively, be clear, brief, and maintain a friendly ambience. It is also very rewarding for the diplomat to be learn, understand and interact in the primary language of the host country especially if this language differs from the diplomat’s natural language.

Be Teachable and Dynamic

All through the career of a diplomat is a constant learning experience, which must be quickly embraced to be able to perform at an optimal level. Regular travels, different cultures and peoples with unique perspectives, extraordinary assignments, etc. would be encountered by the diplomat and therefore has to be teachable, dynamic and flexible.

Be Professional

The Nigerian diplomat as a professional must be disciplined, honest, truthful, courageous, accountable, hardworking, respectful, tolerant, polite, courteous as well as exemplify diplomatic behaviour and protocol.

Be an Effective Negotiator

In the international environment, at the very least, every diplomat has a principal duty to promote the interests of his or her country or state and as such expected to be able to tactfully try to reach an agreement or compromise by discussion with other diplomats or foreign government representatives. It is not a kill-zone and should not be looked to or treated as such rather, be open to seek for a win-win solution and maintain awareness of beneficial opportunities towards the negotiated issue considering first, the clear line(s) to be maintained guided by the diplomat’s national interest. Thus, a Nigerian diplomat must be conversant with various useful and positive negotiation techniques to be able to achieve his set aim and agenda.

Be Physically and Mentally Fit

With the huge responsibility of a diplomat and the associated pressures, being fit physically and mentally with convenient exercises is highly recommended to be in good health, sound mind and resilient spirit.

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