Timi - Let it shine

I know you don’t feel you have a reason to Shine!
You’re giving up because of what you’re going through
There’s no better way to explain to you
Than to tell you the world has a place for you
I know you’re a star and you were meant to
Tell all your neighbours and friends too
It won’t take long
Listen to this song
Spread love to another
You can’t go wrong


This little light o’ mine
I’m gonna let it shine
O this little light o’ mine
Oooo mine I
I’m gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

ASA: Iba

Asa - Iba

Oru sẹ ileku,
I wanna have some talk, with you-o
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ lola
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ sogẹ
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ ra moto
Mo wo lẹ, mo boluwa mi soro
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ wa laiye
Nitori rẹ mo sẹ wa so sara
Nitori re moji lowuro
Mo wo aye mi lo de ye ya

Aa aho ha ha a ha
Iba fi ele
iba fi eledua
Aa ho ho a ho
Mo mo le ye
mo boluwa mi soro

Nitori re mo sẹ gbo
Iroyin ayo
lai so owo
lai si nkan kan
I ya oni layo la o o
boluwa se wi be na lori
Oh oh o wi kpe kim ma se beru
So aho ho a ho a a ho…