Evergreen Role Models: Call for Entries

Evergreen Role Models promotes the beauty and uniqueness of individuals (male and female) determined to express themselves as embodiments of positive values, attitudes and behaviors.

evergreen role models

We are not a modelling agency but we are very interested in promoting your art and message for free in our little way through exposure on our platform to the world.

Once your profile has been accepted and published on the blog, you can only resend your profile after one (1) year or 12 months. Your entry in a particular month qualifies you for that month’s contest. Couples (married) can also send in their profile/photograph as a single entry.

Currently, on our part, what we are willing to offer participants who have the highest number of votes/likes/shares on their various social profiles are as follows:

Monthly overall winner (1st): 3 weeks (21 days) sidebar medium (300 x 225) slot advertisement on The Nigerian Diplomat.

Monthly overall 1st runner up winner (2nd): 1 week (7 days) sidebar medium (300 x 225) slot advertisement on The Nigerian Diplomat.

The choice of advert you present could be yours or others (even if it is the company you work for) as far as it is consistent with our advertising values.

We would not hesitate to disqualify and/or remove the profile of anyone who promote demeaning attitude or their public conduct is not consistent with their profile identities/what they choose to stand for.

If you feel confident as a role model or aspiring one in promoting your appearance as a stand out for a cause, kindly send us the required and relevant details by completing the form below (alternatively, send to thenigeriandiplomat@gmail.com), which we will review and promote accordingly based on the following criteria:

  1. State your name in the title field box (below)
  2. A clear and quality photograph (preferably in full size of you):
  • At least a piece of an easily recognizable African substance/wear on you
  • Dress responsibly, be natural and modest make-up (if used)
  • Height: Irrelevant
  • Weight: Maintain fitness

3. State the following in the post content or file description box (below):

  • A sentence/phrase indicating your motivation as a role model (e.g. I stand for Peace, Love and Equal opportunities)
  • Relevant contact details (email address and/or social media profile/handles)
  • Your nationality (we accept entries from all nationalities)
  • Academic/professional area of study/work or interest
  • Your hobbies/interests
  • Website/blog (if any)

Thank you!


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